Contributing to Hyper

You want to contribute? You’re awesome!

Contributions come in all shapes and sizes. Let’s take a tour of some of the different wants you could contribute.

Code of Conduct

Firstly, all interactions with the project need to abide by the code of conduct. This is to make sure everyone is treated kindly.


  • Filing an issue is a contribution. We appreciate you letting us know about bugs you’ve found, and any information that you can provide that we can use to make hyper better. Without your filing it, we may not be aware of the bug.
  • Triaging issues is a huge help. By your helping make issues better, the reporters can get answers sooner, and others can fix them with less effort. You can also volunteer as a frequent triager.
  • Discuss feature requests (especially those marked request-for-comment).

Pull Requests

By the way, consider checking the list of easy issues if you want to submit something.


Improving hyper’s documentation is a huge help for everyone who is trying to use hyper.

  • The API documentation (rendered at is stored as rustdoc comments directly in the source.
  • The main website has tutorial-style guides. As of v1, they are currently in a revamp, and would greatly benefit from being filled out.


Helping others use hyper in their specific workflows is a very valuable way to contribute.

  • Answer questions asked directly in hyper’s Discussions.
  • Join our Discord and help those who show up with questions.
  • Blog about hyper. You writing a blog post about how you use hyper to do something specific, or how you contributed a new feature, or debugged something in it, is a great idea. Not all examples can fit in the hyper repo. Search engines will help people find their use cases on your blog. And you can describe processes in more depth or from a different perspective.