Code of Conduct

Be Kind

  • Don’t be mean.
  • Insulting anyone is prohibited.
  • Harassment of any kind is prohibited.
  • If another person feels uncomfortable with your remarks, stop it.
  • If a moderator deems your comment or conduct as inappropriate, stop it.
  • Disagreeing is fine, but keep it to technical arguments. Never attack the person.
  • Give the benefit of the doubt. Assume good intentions.
  • Show empathy. There are 3 interpretations to any message: what we thought, what we said, and what they understand.
  • This does mean we exclude people who are not kind. We are happy to make that sacrifice.

Or Else

  • Violations of the Code of Conduct will result in 1 warning.
  • If the violation is major, a moderator may just ban immediately.
  • If a warning has already been given, a moderator will ban the offender.
  • There is no process for appealing a ban.
  • Any violations can be reported to [email protected].