A protective and efficient HTTP library for all.

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The HTTP implementation for Rust

  • A Client for talking to web services.
  • A Server for building those web services.
  • Blazing fast* thanks to Rust.
  • High concurrency with non-blocking sockets.
  • HTTP/1 and HTTP/2 support.

Latest: 1.0 is out!

hyper v1.0 is here!


hyper is open source, always. The success of hyper depends on the health of the community building and using it. All contributions are in the open.


hyper is a memory safe and robust implementation of the HTTP specification. It is durable to the “real world”. Where feasible, hyper enforces correct usage.


A fast experience delights users. A faster network library means a faster application, resulting in delighting our users’ users. Whether with one request, or millions.


hyper is specifically focused on HTTP. Support for HTTP/1 and HTTP/2, with HTTP/3 in the works.


hyper enables as many usecases as possible. It has no opinion on application structure, and makes few assumptions about its environment. This includes being portable to different operating systems.


hyper is no more complicated than it has to be. HTTP is not simple. It may not be as “easy” as 1-line to do everything, but it shouldn’t be “hard” to find the answers.