Upgrade from v0.14 to v1

This guide is meant to help you upgrade from v0.14 of hyper to v1.

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Prepare with Backports and Deprecations

Before upgrading, you can start preparing your 0.14 code base by enabling the backports and deprecated features of hyper in your Cargo.toml. Like this:

hyper = { version = "0.14", features = ["etc", "backports", "deprecated"] }

The backports feature brings several of the new types from 1.0 to 0.14. If you enable deprecated feature as well, it will add deprecation warnings to any of hyper’s types that have direct backports available.

NOTE: This won’t give you warnings about changes where backports were not able to be provided.

Read the Changelog

As a general rule, we tried hard to mark every possible breaking change in the changelog. Read through the “breaking changes” section of the 1.0 releases (including the RC 1-4), which will provide suggestions on how to overcome each one.


The Body type has changed to be a trait (what used to be HttpBody).

The 0.14 Body could be multiple variants, and in v1 they have been split into distinct types. You’ll benefit from analzying each place you use hyper::Body to decide which solution to switch to.

  • In general, if you don’t need a specific variant, consider making your usage generic, accepting an impl Body (or where B: Body).
  • If you want a type that can be any variant, you could use BoxBody.
  • Otherwise, the more specific variants allow for a more explicit API in your code.


The higher-level pooling Client was removed from hyper 1.0. A similar type was added to hyper-util, called client::legacy::Client. It’s mostly a drop-in replacement.


The v0.14 hyper::Server does not have a drop-in replacement, since it had problems.

For a server type that can handle both HTTP/1 and HTTP/2 at the same time, use the server::conn::auto::Builder from hyper-util.

The listening server acceptor can be replaced with a simple loop.


Previously, hyper depended on tower for the Service trait. Because tower is not yet 1.0, hyper could not publicly depend on it. So, it’s Service trait and the helper function service_fn are defined in hyper::service. Check middleware for more details.