Fast and safe HTTP for the Rust language.

Get Started

hyper is a fast HTTP implementation written in and for Rust.

  • A Client for talking to web services.
  • A Server for building those web services.
  • Blazing fast* thanks to Rust.
  • High concurrency with non-blocking sockets.
  • HTTP/1 and HTTP/2 support.

Hello, World

extern crate hyper;

use hyper::{Body, Response, Server};
use hyper::rt::Future;
use hyper::service::service_fn_ok;

static TEXT: &str = "Hello, World!";

fn main() {
    let addr = ([127, 0, 0, 1], 3000).into();

    let new_svc = || {

    let server = Server::bind(&addr)
        .map_err(|e| eprintln!("server error: {}", e));